Increase Earnings: Effective Strategies to Modernize Hotel Exteriors for Optimal Profit Growth

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Presentation is often what makes or breaks a customer’s decision to engage with a business. This is especially true when it comes to hotels, as people are looking for a suitable place that they feel comfortable using as their temporary home. This makes it absolutely vital for hoteliers to modernize hotel exteriors to maximize profits.

A hotel with good curb appeal is always going to bring in more guests, so the importance of keeping the hotel’s façade updated and attractive cannot be overlooked. Your hotel’s curb appeal may be top-notch, but you don’t want guests to feel like they’ve been tricked once they actually pull up to the entrance; keep the hotel entrance and parking lot efficient and luxurious to give guests an “ouh là là” moment when they arrive! Outdoor common areas, such as the pool, lounge areas, or even a rooftop space, that are modernized and well-maintained will make your hotel feel like something more than just a place to sleep for a few nights. 

Update the hotel’s façade

The façade is what potential guests, or guests pulling up for their stay, will see of your hotel for the very first time. This impression has been dubbed “curb appeal.” You want the look of your hotel’s exterior to reflect the high-quality service and luxury that is offered within it, and a façade that hasn’t been updated in over a decade will certainly not get the right message across, no matter how good it looks on the inside. An updated façade allows you to give your hotel a fresh look that leans into your hotel’s unique aesthetic. You can go with a simple, clean look, or play around with different textures, such as interesting stonework or woodwork. An appealing sign that displays your hotel’s name and further plays into the aesthetic can also go a long way in setting your hotel apart from all the others in the area. You want the exterior of your hotel to be interesting, inviting, and memorable, even if what is so memorable about it is simply how well maintained it looks. A cared-for façade will modernize hotel exteriors and tell passersby your business is trustworthy.

Updated parking lot and entrance 

After the façade, the next part of your hotel that guests will see is the parking lot. Your parking lot should always be kept in good condition. You don’t want your guests to be worried about damage to their vehicle as they pull into the lot and drive over potholes! Cracks, oil stains, and other unattractive blemishes are a good sign that it is time to redo the lot. The parking lot should also be well lit at night, so safety is never a concern to your guests. It should also be easy to navigate; nobody wants to be frustrated by a poorly designed parking lot after a long drive to their vacation destination! The parking lot should be simple as can be, and include signs so absolutely anybody can navigate it. 

Naturally, the parking lot brings us to the entrance. The entrance is a wonderful opportunity to give your guests a real “ouh la la” moment as they approach the front door; something that is welcoming and impressive, and makes them feel confident that they are about to have a first-rate experience. Stylistically, the entrance provides another opportunity to lean into the hotel’s aesthetic, and it should act as a sensible transition into the style of the lobby. Aside from just working on a purely visual level, it should also be functional, providing a nice spot for guests that are waiting outside to be sheltered from rain or intense sun, as well as an area for them to peacefully unload their packed car when the weather is nasty.

Modernize hotel exteriors by updating common areas

A pool is a fantastic hotel amenity that most people are excited to see. However, a pool that is unkempt and uninviting is a major turn-off to guests. Think about the times you’ve stepped into a hotel pool only to be filled with regret once you noticed how unclean it was. If the pool area hasn’t been cared for in a long time, it may even be a safety hazard. People do not want to swim in a pool that looks grubby and old, and people really don’t want to swim in a pool that seems unsafe, especially when they are staying at a hotel with their family. When there is structural damage to the pool or the surrounding area, taking care of it should be a major priority. If needed, a pool remodel is well worth the cost, which ranges on average from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on the scope of the project.

Another amenity people love to see at a hotel is a rooftop lounge area. A beautiful rooftop area is an exciting feature for guests to utilize, and will instantly enhance the lavish feeling of any hotel. It opens a wide range of possibilities, and something like a rooftop pool or bar would even encourage guests to view the hotel as another exciting part of their trip. Of course, safety is the number one concern with this type of thing, so be sure that all the necessary permits are acquired, all safety requirements are met, and you hire a contractor with the proper experience.

Give your hotel a fresh look

Nobody wants to stay in a hotel with an exterior that gives off a negative impression. By keeping the exterior of your hotel up-to-date, well-maintained, and functional, you are increasing your likelihood of attracting new and repeat guests. Contact Remington Builders Group today to get started on upgrading your hotel’s exterior!

Will construction on the exterior of my hotel interrupt business?

Depending on the location, extent, and overall scope of work, this may have an effect on normal operations, and certain areas of the property could be temporarily inaccessible while construction is underway. Any specific concerns should be discussed before construction begins to prevent major issues and manage expectations.

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