Boost Your Revenue: How to Modernize Hotel Interiors for Maximum Profit Potential

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We’ve all had the experience of stepping into the hotel you have booked for multiple nights, taking a look around, feeling a wave of disappointment, and vowing to never book a stay at that particular hotel ever again. Obviously, any hotel that leaves people with this impression cannot expect many repeat customers. This article details some ways in which you can modernize hotel interiors to maximize profits.

The lobby is the first part of your hotel’s interior that a guest experiences, so keeping it modern, efficient, and clean will give it a sense of luxury that people are sure to take note of, leading to repeat guests and increasing the property value. Having as much space as possible in guest rooms by utilizing efficient storage techniques will also give guests a sense of lavishness that they will want to experience again. Utilizing software that brings all of your hotel’s systems together, such as booking, check-in, and management systems, will keep all processes running reliably and quickly, impressing guests and giving them the feeling that they are in capable hands. Eco-friendly amenities and systems, such as energy-efficient HVAC, electrical systems, laundry room, etc., will make guests feel good about their stay and save your hotel on energy bills.

Modernize hotel interiors to maximize profits by renovating the lobby 

When you arrive at your hotel, one of the real moments of truth is when you first set foot into the lobby. An old, shabby lobby will put anybody off, and it will set a negative tone for the entire stay. People will immediately make a judgment about the whole hotel just because of this single space. For this reason, renovating a rundown lobby is an absolute necessity when it comes to facilitating a positive experience and attracting guests. A clean, open space with an up-to-date aesthetic, comfortable seating area, and pleasant lighting is sure to bring about a sense of luxury and encourage positive reviews, leading to increased revenue. In terms of lighting, experts have found that guests largely react better to lobbies with warm, soft lighting, rather than bright white or bluish lights. As for how spacious the lobby should be, it is recommended to leave enough open floor space so that 10-15% of the hotel’s guest capacity could be comfortably accommodated at any given time, creating a good balance between spaciousness and coziness. On top of providing a better experience for guests, an updated lobby will also increase property value and attract buyers. 

Keep rooms spacious and modern

Of course, another incredibly important part of any hotel is where the guests spend most of their time: their rooms! An off-putting room is an absolute nightmare for any hotel guest and essentially guarantees the guest will not be returning or recommending your hotel to anybody. Keeping rooms modern, comfortable, and appealing is absolutely essential. People need to actually want to spend the night in their room, not feel disgusted and uncomfortable. Keeping walls freshly painted, having new flooring put in, and simple things like keeping the doors and windows in good shape make a world of difference in the overall feel of a room. Bathrooms should always be in operating condition, with no broken tiles, wonky faucet handles, etc. These types of issues are simply unacceptable to guests paying for a quality stay, so the materials used and water and plumbing systems should be top-notch and reliable. A full renovation of a room in a five-star hotel can range vastly, and completely renovating all of the rooms in a hotel will have to take place over a period of several years so the hotel can remain active. Strategically planning for when construction will take place can help balance out revenue loss during construction, for instance, doing most construction during off-seasons. Though it may seem like a large undertaking, it will ultimately pay off in increased revenue from all of the new and repeat customers, as well as the increased property value of the hotel. Properly renovating your hotel can potentially increase your net operating income.

Integrate software to make every process smoother

Replacing out-of-date systems with software that keeps everything connected is a fantastic option for keeping things consistent and operating smoothly. Software systems for booking, check-in, and various forms of management can save time and money for hotel staff and guests. Mobile apps can be used to cut down on the rigmarole of making reservations, checking in, and checking out for guests. Certain technologies can also be implemented so that guests can use their smartphones to scan in and out of their rooms without needing a physical key. This opens the door to a new level of convenience that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Eco-friendly amenities

Another way to increase the amount of money your hotel makes is by decreasing the amount of money that gets spent on inefficient and environmentally harmful amenities. With bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, pools and hot tubs, etc., the amount of water hotels use is astounding. Low-water machines for laundry and efficient water heaters can save you a fortune on water use. Additionally, an inefficient HVAC system is often the culprit for a shockingly high energy bill. HVAC includes all of the systems used throughout a building used to control temperature, humidity, and air quality. An energy-efficient HVAC system can save up to 50% on heating and cooling. Designing rooms to utilize light efficiently can also reduce the number of individual light sources needed in guest rooms or common areas. With the sheer amount of rooms in a hotel, cutting down on how many individual light sources there are per room, even just a little bit, can be enough to see a significant change in energy costs.

Upgrade your hotel interior for increased revenue

A bad stay at a hotel is something people never forget. By keeping the interior of your hotel updated and your systems efficient, you will increase profits and even save on your bills. Contact Remington Builders Group today for all of your hotel renovation needs! 

Is it a good idea to add a whole new section, such as a restaurant, to a hotel?

Something as major as adding a restaurant to your hotel will ultimately require a whole new line of staff, enough space, and a hefty budget. If none of that is an issue and more staff is something you are willing to pursue, it is a sure way to increase your hotel’s value! 

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