The Benefits of a Midtown Modern Home


If you are in the market for a modern, cost-effective home that combines some of the best elements of city living with something a little quieter, a midtown modern home may be just what you are looking for. This article details the benefits of a midtown modern home as well as what exactly is meant by the term.

Midtown modern homes are compact homes that have a lot to offer. They provide enough space and amenities to live a very modern, comfortable lifestyle but are designed and constructed in extremely efficient, cost-effective ways. These homes also have the advantage of being built together in very safe areas and include common areas that are shared by the community.

What is a midtown modern home?

Midtown modern homes are essentially a mix of some of the best elements of an apartment and a townhouse, incorporating the utility of an apartment with the spaciousness and hominess of a townhouse. One of the main hallmarks of a midtown modern design is the open floor plan. While they include everything you would want in a house (kitchen, dining area, living room, etc.), the open floor plan means that each of these spaces runs through one another. However, this isn’t a studio apartment. Bedrooms are still separate, and typically, they are on the smaller side. Midtown modern homes usually have two to three levels, the typical layout includes the following: the bottom level features a garage and flex room, the second level features the kitchen, living space, dining room, and a bathroom, and the third level features bedrooms (the amount of which depends on the specific floor plan), laundry room, and additional bathrooms. These homes are built with the “live, work, play” style community concept in mind. They are spacious enough for family living and entertaining guests, but they are also extremely efficient with how space is utilized and are built in convenient locations. 

What are the budgetary benefits of a midtown modern home?

One of the main benefits of midtown modern homes is that they are designed to be extremely cost-effective. There is a multitude of reasons for this, but right from the jump, midtown modern homes are cheaper to build than standard homes. Naturally, an open floor plan with rooms leading into one another means less material and time needs to be spent on construction, greatly reducing the price. The average price range to purchase a midtown modern home in Colorado is from $400,000 to $600,000.

The spacious open floor plan also saves cash by making the home easier to light, heat, and cool. Having fewer walls eliminates much of the need to light rooms separately, which lowers the electric bill. In addition to this, midtown modern homes are strategically designed to take advantage of natural lighting. With plenty of windows and an open floor plan, residents of midtown modern homes enjoy a space lit with warm, bright, natural sunlight. Heating and cooling benefit in much the same way, as the air can easily travel throughout the home, eliminating the need for too many sources of heat or cool air, and reducing the amount of energy that is needed to maintain a desired temperature. The smaller bedrooms will also help you save on heating and cooling. 

What are some other advantages of a midtown modern home?

In addition to a spacious floor plan and lower costs, midtown modern homes are often located in safe, tight-knit communities. Because they are not located right in the middle of hectic cities, midtown homes naturally fall into a much safer, more family-friendly environment.  While they may not always be in “the city”, midtown homes are often located in areas with many options for dining, entertainment, and shopping (for instance, the Colorado Springs area). Midtown modern homes are also built together in communities offering common areas for residents to enjoy; yet another feature making them great for families. These homes are truly designed with the resident in mind. They are made to be as low-maintenance as possible in order to accommodate a busy lifestyle, but still include the amenities that make a house feel like a home. The simplicity of the design allows for significant flexibility. Most of these homes also have small landscaping areas, typically in a xeriscape style. This adds even more of a natural touch to the homes, while still remaining low-maintenance.  Whether you are looking for a convenient spot for your family that isn’t quite the big city but still has many perks, or you just want the comfort of knowing you are in a safe location, midtown homes are a fantastic option. 

Begin the process of building your midtown modern home

Midtown modern homes provide all the benefits of living in a major area while being extremely efficient. If you are somebody who is interested in the “live, work, play” lifestyle and are looking for a cost-effective home for you and your family in the Colorado Springs area, a midtown modern home may be the perfect option for you. Take the first step toward building your own midtown modern home by contacting Remington Builders Group today!

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