What You Need to Know About Constructing a Barndominium


If you’ve recently been looking into building a new home, chances are you’ve come across a word many people have been seeing for the first time lately: barndominium. While a new concept to many, barndominiums have been gaining popularity for good reason. This article details the benefits of a barndominium, as well as what constructing a barndominium entails.

Constructing a barndominium, which is a modern barn structure either converted into a living space or built from the ground up as a living space, is a wonderful option for saving time and money on the construction of your new home. From design to completion, the whole process takes a much shorter amount of time than building a traditional house. In addition to the process being quick and cost-effective, the end product is a beautiful modern home with a timeless, rustic aesthetic.

What is a Barndominium? 

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a barndominium, the word simply comes from combing the words “barn” and “condominium.” Essentially, it is a modern barn construction that is converted either partially or entirely into a living space.  The inside of a barndominium can have just as many features and custom designs as any other home, however, the outside is a simple metal shell, allowing for an extremely efficient construction process. 

 To give a little more detail, there are three ways to create a barndominium: The first way is to take an existing barn structure and renovate part of it into living quarters or add an addition for living quarters. The second way is to take an existing barn and convert the entire structure into a home. For this reason, while barndominiums have become popular across the country, they are particularly popular in states with plenty of open land and pre-existing barn structures, such as Colorado. Last but not least, you can build a new barndominium from the ground up. Barndominiums are built using post-frame construction, which is the standard method used for modern barns. 

What are the Benefits of a Barndominium?

People love barndominiums for many reasons, but one of the main reasons for their popularity is the fact that they tend to be cheaper and quicker to build than traditional homes. This is in large part thanks to post-frame construction, which requires less material and is quickly erected. In addition to this, faster construction means that less money needs to be spent on labor, and working with a pre-existing barn also cuts costs in a major way.  In Colorado, the initial construction of a new barndominium typically costs within the range of $200 to $250 per square foot. Building a traditional custom home in Colorado tends to cost within the range of $285 to $315 per square foot. 

Of course, barndominiums are also beautiful structures; they are perfect if you love that classic, rustic look. Additionally, because they are large, open buildings, customization is extremely simple.

Timeline for Constructing a Barndominium

The steps to building your new barndominium, as well as the timeframes for each of these steps, are as follows:

  1. Design phase (3–6 months)

While everyone would like to jump right into designing, it is of course necessary to first consider finances and property details. As discussed above, you can expect to spend less money building a barndominium instead of a traditional home, but it is still important to plan ahead and in detail so the budget does not get out of control. Remember, the initial construction cost does not include things that will come later, such as appliances, countertops, etc. Once again, if you are converting a pre-existing barn structure, you will be cutting costs even more. Next, a soil report needs to be completed for the purposes of understanding the geotechnical design criteria for the design and construction of the foundation of the barndominium. 

After these steps are completed, you can finally get to designing the structure. This obviously includes how the home will look from the outside, but it also includes mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs. Once these design plans are complete, they will be submitted to the building department in order to receive approval and a building permit. Next, the fun part for many homeowners begins: designing the interior of your new barndominium! This is all about how your living space will look, including outlet fixtures, cabinets, appliances, and any other interior finishes.

  1. Construction (6–9 months)

Now that the barndominium has been designed and all the plans have been approved, it is time to start bringing your new home to life. As with most construction projects, the construction will begin with the necessary earthwork, which entails any excavating, filling, etc., that needs to be done to the earth upon which the construction will sit. Next, the foundation of the barndominium is constructed, which serves to evenly distribute the weight of the structure on the ground beneath, as well as to keep the structure separated from unwanted moisture and groundwater. 

After building the foundation, your barndominium will truly begin to take shape with the construction of the frame. This is when the exterior walls will be built, as well as the interior layout for hallways and rooms. The exterior is then completed with the addition of all the siding, roofing, walls, and doors. Next, all the important things that really make a house functional are added, including all the mechanics, electricity, and plumbing. Finally, finishing the interior will really start to turn your barndominium into a home. 

  1. Closeout (1 month)

The home stretch! For the final step, the landscaping and grading will be completed. Then, whatever remaining/extra items need to be added to the interior and exterior of the construction will be added. Once the final inspection is complete, it is time for you to enjoy life in your brand-new barndominium. Congratulations!

A barndominium is a fantastic option if you are looking for a cost-effective way to build a stylish new home. They can have all the amenities of a traditional modern home, but with a much simpler, less time-consuming construction process. If you are in love with the rustic look and want to get in your new dream home as quickly as possible, contact Remington Builders Group about building a barndominium!

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