Why You Should Consider Building a New Home in Colorado Springs


If you are on the fence about whether you should build or buy your new Colorado home, look no further. The following article details some of the best reasons why you should seriously consider building a new home in Colorado Springs in 2022.

One of the most practical reasons to build a new home in Colorado Springs is quite simply that, as it stands currently, inventory is low; with fewer options available for buying, many people are deciding to build. Building a home in Colorado Springs also makes it more likely that you will find yourself in a beautiful new neighborhood with many modern amenities and conveniences. Additionally, when you build your own home, you can customize it to fit your exact criteria (both in terms of what features you want and your budgetary concerns), rather than endlessly house hunting or having to worry about making future renovations.

Low Inventory 

One of the main reasons many people have recently been opting to build there home in Colorado Springs rather than buy is because inventory is low. While demand for homes in Colorado Springs is as high as ever (if not higher), inventory is super low. There are much less homes for sale now than there were this time last year; in fact, inventory is at the lowest it has been since 1995. This is being exacerbated by the major trend of people moving from big cities to suburban areas that has been taking place over the past few years. With residents moving to areas such as Colorado Springs in such high numbers, in addition to there already being an abnormally tight inventory, bidding wars for homes are in full effect. This means that, on top of there not being many options available, prices are also high—and steadily rising. New listings have risen 18.4% since last year, and the average sales price is up 13.4%. But as you know, when one door closes, another opens; now more than ever it makes sense to build a new home in Colorado Springs rather than purchase one. 

Building will likely land you in a newer neighborhood

One of the major plus sides of building a new home in Colorado Springs is that you can choose exactly where you want it to be built, and chances are you will wind up in a growing neighborhood with many other newly built homes. In a neighborhood full of new homes, you are much less likely to experience issues that can arise in older neighborhoods, such as neighboring homes not being kept in good condition. You will also avoid taking on the issues that a previous owner may leave you with. From plumbing and electricity to the materials used, everything in your home will be new and up to date. This means you do not have to worry about spending a ton of money on maintenance in order to repair surprise issues inherited from somebody else.

A newer neighborhood is also likely to come with nicer amenities. In an area like Colorado Springs, this can mean all sorts of things, such as trail systems, parks, recreation centers with pools, etc., which are all fantastic for families. Having access to such incredible features keeps an active lifestyle well within reach, and can help you integrate into your new community. Ultimately, you can choose whatever lot you would like for your new home, so if you do want to build in an older neighborhood, you can certainly explore that option. However, moving into a new neighborhood undoubtedly has its advantages.

Building a new home in Colorado Springs leaves endless room for customization

When you are house hunting, it can be frustrating trying to find a home that has everything you want, and that is the case even when there isn’t an inventory shortage! If you choose to go with a custom-built home, you can customize it to your specific criteria. The sky is the limit! Building your home gives you the freedom to decide everything about the design of your home. You can make sure that the floor plan is designed to your exact specifications so it is tailor-made to be as functional as possible for your family. Essentially, you’ll design your home to work with your family, not vice versa! From how many closets there are to the materials used, you no longer have to worry about settling for something that doesn’t fully meet your requirements.  

Apart from customizing the structure itself, another major advantage of building your own home is of course that you can customize it to your specific budgetary needs. Seeing as prices for homes are steadily increasing in Colorado Springs thanks to the low inventory, this is a giant advantage. When you build a custom home, nothing is done without your approval, so you can make sure that every price point, down to the finest detail, is kept exactly where you need it to be.  

Is it a good idea to build a home in Colorado Springs? With inventory low, now is a fantastic time for building a new home in Colorado Springs. Building your own home opens you up to almost endless options in terms of customization and selecting an ideal location. From the initial designs to the day you move in, Remington Builders Group can help build your dream home every step of the way.

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